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Brave 1 Lucid Tee Our Story


We exist to Inspire and Encourage Believers and All Human Beings to Strive to Become All that God has Called them to Be and More!

"Own Your Story & Show Your Heart... Be a LION!

Our Why = Our Vision & Ethos

Roughly 70% of the 60 thousand to 80 thousand thoughts we think per day are negative. What you wear has a significant effect on Self-Esteem, Confidence, and Mental Attitude. It is our goal to help you look good, feel good, Inspire, Encourage, and Motivate you to take pride in who you are while you are on your journey to becoming all you were meant to be by the Grace of God.

We Aim to provide a service of Inspiration, Encouragement, Motivation, Positivity, & Support through Quality Apparel to our Customers and Community.

A portion of proceeds benefit children being mentored in the local community.