Your Purpose, Dreams, & Goals are Important... Wear what INSPIRES You to Achieve them... Be a LION!

Our Story

Determined to make a difference in the world, we began a mentoring program at a local elementary school in Alabama in 2016 with the goal and vision of mentoring, providing a positive role model, and attempting to support the classroom needs (notebooks, pencils, leaf paper, etc.) of the mentees, with a long term goal and vision of attempting to maintain the mentoring relationship throughout their their lives and building a youth development center. The program started with 3 third graders in 2016 and by the Grace of God has increased every year since inception. They inspired us to create Lion Heart Unlimited Brand.

Lion Heart Unlimited is a modern inspirational apparel brand to inspire and motivate us to embrace challenges, be brave, hold ourselves to a higher standard, and take full responsibility for our lives as Human Beings, but also look to give back in an act of Human Kindness, Charity, and Compassion. 

The Brand's message is one of Encouragement, Inspiration, Motivation, Positivity, & Support. The goal and vision with the LHU Brand and products is to help support the mentoring program and the classroom needs of all the future young men and women in the program, but to also provide customers with the Brand's message of setting the bar high for yourself and taking full responsibility for your life as a Human Being with “gifts” and a “calling”!

The Ethos for our company is... “Own Your Story and Show Your Heart!” and  for our mentoring program is... "We would rather Build A HERO than allow culture to create a villain!"

We all have an inner lion with unlimited potential inside each of us waiting to be unleashed on the world to create positive change! We hope to inspire and encourage you to run your own race and activate your Lion Heart!

Brian K. Holley - Human Being and Lion Heart Unlimited Creator & Founder

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